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When you need contacts, Dr. Zoellner & Associates is the best value in Oklahoma. Did you know that most doctors charge $100-$200 for a contact lens fitting? Our contact lens fitting starts at only $39! Learn more about contacts by reading below.

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We are proud to offer the very best brands and the best selection, to make sure you get the perfect contact lenses for your needs. Come visit us at one of our locations to visit with a doctor and learn what type’s of contacts are best for your needs.

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Why Do You Need A Contact Lens Fitting?

A contact lens fitting is an extra exam that doctors do to determine the correct prescription and needs for your eyes. Contact lenses require a different prescription from glasses. Glasses sit away from the eyes, but contacts lenses sit directly on the eye, which changes the prescription strength that you need. Also, doctors take into consideration the shape, health, and comfort level of your eyes. Because every person’s eyes are different, doctors will look at a variety of factors to determine the best type of contacts for each individual. Doctor’s also factor in lifestyle when determining the best types of contacts for each person.


What Are The Most Popular Kinds Of Contacts?


  • Daily Contacts- Daily contacts are the highest recommended contacts for a variety of reasons:
    • Healthiest For Your Eyes
    • Suffer From Allergies? Dailies Are The Best For People With Allergies
    • No Solution Needed
    • Can Throw Them Away Every Day
    • We Offer Huge Rebates For Daily Contacts, Making Them Affordable
  • Monthly Contacts– Monthly contacts are another option to consider. They are convenient for people on the go, or who work in shifts (like a firefighter) because they can be slept in. However, they must be taken out and properly cared for in order to keep your eyes free from problems. 


PLEASE NOTE: A common problem with contacts is that people do not take them out and clean or replace them regularly like they’re supposed to. This can lead to eye infections and serious problems. Just like with any prescription, you need to always follow the doctor’s orders.



Frequently Asked Questions:


Are There Bi-focal options for Contacts? Yes, there are bifocal options for contacts. We have mono-vision contacts (two different rx’s in each eye, one for distance and one for close up). We also carry multifocal contacts. Multifocal contacts have distance, midrange & near range all in one lens.

Am I A Good Candidate For Contacts? The best way to know if you are a good candidate for contacts is to come in for an eye exam and discuss your options with your eye doctor. Most patients can be successfully fit into contacts, however there are certain exceptions that could limit your options or prevent you from being comfortable or seeing clearly in contacts. Dry eye, allergies, and expectations are some of the biggest factors that determine if you are a good fit for contacts. Patients with irregular corneas (keratoconus, corneal transplant patients, and other corneal diseases) might not be able to wear conventional contacts and may require a speciality contact lens fit.

What Is The Appropriate Age For My Child To Start Wearing Contacts? Depends on the child. Most children will start wearing contacts sometime between the ages of 9-12. Responsibility is a big factor with wearing contacts and so that is almost more important to consider than the actual age of the child.

What Contact Lens Solution Do You Recommend? When cleaning your lenses you want to use a multipurpose solution such as Optifree or Biotrue to clean and soak your soft contact lenses. Over the counter brands can change their formulation from month to month potentially causing different results in how clean your contacts feel or even allergic reactions so for that reason we do not recommend over the counter brands.