The Favorite Eye Doctor Of Tulsa

Dr. Robert H. Zoellner & Associates


Dr. Robert H. Zoellner & Associates is a family owned optometry practice that has served Tulsa since 1991. Dr. Zoellner’s combines the convenience and value of an optical chain with the great eye care and quality of a private practice. Coming from humble beginnings, Dr. Zoellner grew to appreciate a bargain, which lead to his desire to create a place where getting quality eye care could be affordable: and so the $99 deal was born.

Over 25 years later, Dr. Robert Zoellner’s has become the place for amazing comprehensive eye care, the latest styles in eyeglasses, and all your favorite contact lens brands. Although you can always expect great deals and prices at Dr. Zoellner’s, the real value comes from our current team of doctors, who combined have over 120 years of experience!



Delivering Value, Convenience & Technology

At Dr. Robert Zoellner & Associates, we understand the importance of delivering value to our customers. One of the ways we deliver value is by making a quality eye exam affordable, and also convenient. You don’t have to have an appointment to be seen by an eye doctor at Dr. Zoellner’s, walk in’s are always welcome. We also deliver value by making sure your visit is quick!

We also focus on having the latest technology in eye care. We carry a large selection of the very best contact lenses available, along with the best contact lens solutions. We also use some of the best equipment in the eye care field, meaning that our patients are sure to receive the highest level of eye care available in Tulsa.


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