Best Selection & Prices on Mens Eyeglasses In Tulsa

Top Brands

We carry the largest selection and latest styles from brands like:

Ray-Ban |  Oakley | Nike | Flexon | Hugo Boss | AND many, many more…

Great Prices

Starting at $19.99, we have eyewear for every budget and style preference. Our $19.99 frames come in great styles, and as always we carry a large inventory of the most popular brands and styles.

Huge Selection

We carry one of the largest selections of eyeglasses in Tulsa. Come in to either location to check out styles. Our opticians are standing by to help you pick out a pair that not only fits correctly, but looks great.

eyeglasses Tulsa at Dr. Zoellner
eyeglasses Tulsa at Dr. Zoellner
eyeglasses Tulsa at Dr. Zoellner
eyeglasses Tulsa at Dr. Zoellner

3 Important things to Know When Picking Out Frames


  • Frame Size– Did you know that many times people suffer from headaches because their frame is the wrong size for them? Frames come in so many sizes & styles, it’s really important that you pick a frame that fits you well. If a frame is too small, it can cause headaches, and also just be uncomfortable to wear. Having a trained optician help you pick out a correctly sized pair of eyeglasses is always a great idea.


  • Frame Style– Have you ever had trouble seeing out of your new glasses? It may be that your Rx is correct, but the frame style is distorting your vision. For example, When you put the glasses on, if your eyes are at the very top of the frame you will most likely experience distorted vision. You want your pupils (small center part of your eye) to line up correctly within the lens of your glasses, and many times the only way to check that is to try on the glasses in person. That’s why it’s best to always pick your eyeglasses in person rather than buying online.


  • Your Prescription Matters– If you have a very high prescription, getting a frame that will have smaller lenses will result in thinner edges and less “coke bottle” appearance. If you have a bifocal or progressive you want to make sure the frame will be large enough to fit all the near power in it. If you get a frame that is too small, part of your reading prescription will get cut off. On the other hand, if you pick a frame that is too big, you might not be able to look far enough down the lens to use the reading portion.


eyeglasses Tulsa at Dr. Zoellner

Order Any Frame with Free Shipping


  • Don’t see the frame you wanted in our offices? We can order any color, style, or size of frame from the brands we carry without charging you for shipping and handling.
  • Not sure how they’ll look on you? We can order up to 2 frames per customer with no obligation to purchase. Just another reason to come check out our offices for yourself.  *Shipping takes 7-10 business days (M-F)

Frame Warranty

1 time 1 year manufacturer defect warranty on all frames  (* excludes discontinued frames)