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Learn Why It’s Important To Choose The Correct Pair Of Glasses


There are a few important things to consider when choosing the right pair of eyeglasses. With so many shapes, sizes, styles and brands, it can be confusing picking a frame that not only looks good, but also fits correctly. If the frame does not fit correctly, it can mess with how well you’re able to see.

3 Things To Be Aware Of When Choosing A Frame

(1) The first thing to consider is the width of the glasses. Although small adjustments can be made to most frame’s, it’s important that the frame is generally a good fit. If they are pushing in on your head you will most likely get a headache after wearing them all day. This can often lead to people thinking their prescription is wrong when really their frame is too small! Glasses that are too wide could give distorted vision since your eyes will not be centered in the lenses, this can lead to headaches and blurred vision.


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(2) Make sure each eye is naturally near the center of the lens. This is usually more of a problem with larger frame styles. When you put the glasses on, if your eyes are at the very top of the frame you will most likely experience distorted vision. An easy way to check this is to do the smile test! If your cheeks touch the bottom edge of your eyeglasses when you smile they are most likely too big and not centered on your eyes.

Another thing to consider is your pupil distance. Your pupil is the small part of the center of your eye, and this is where your vision actually comes from. It’s really important that the center of your pupil lines up correctly with the lens of your eyeglasses. Not all frames will allow a proper alignment of your pupil with the center of the lens, which is one reason it’s best to always pick your eyeglasses in person rather than buying online.

(3) The last thing you need to consider is special prescription considerations: If you have a very high prescription, getting a frame that will have smaller lenses will result in thinner edges and less “coke bottle” appearance. If you have a bifocal or progressive you want to make sure the frame will be large enough to fit all the near power in it. If you get a frame that is too small, part of your reading prescription will get cut off. On the other hand, if you pick a frame that is too big, you might not be able to look far enough down the lens to use the reading portion.

We hope this helps you understand the different things to consider when picking out your next pair of eyeglasses! Because of these different factors, it’s highly recommended that you purchase your frames in person rather than online to make sure they are a good fit. As always, our opticians can help you in choosing a frame that will be a good fit, but will also look good!

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